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I worked with Dee for months on a beautiful picture book that will be published later this year. (I’ll update this testimonial with the book name as the time gets closer to publishing date!) She was a pro through and through; super talented, with a style that lights up every page, flexible, patient, hard-working, and wonderful to work with. She is responsible and responsive, and extremely gracious about going with the flow – even if the flow isn’t where she would normally go. The result of our collaboration is a book that is going to give comfort to many dog lovers, young and old. She is a gem. 

In addition, I featured Dee’s art in a contest on Dogster, where I am editor of the Dog Blog. People wrote in just to say how much they like her style, and they were clamoring for her art. The winners were thrilled to have won her creations. 

Maria Goodavage

Author, editor

Whether you want a fabulous illustration to back up your brand or you need to develop the perfect image to convey your message, Dee Densmore D'Amico is your gal! The spunk, style and flair she infuses in every aspect of your visual make your images absolutely irresistible so you can powerfully captivate your market. My book was like my baby, and creating the cover was just as exciting and entertaining as receiving the final product. 

Dee is intuitive, unbelievably creative and patient. No matter what you wish to create, Dee listens to be sure that she not only captures what you wish to see, but also exudes the feeling you wish to express. Dee effortlessly translated my persona, professional skill along with the tone of my book into powerful illustrations that clearly convey who I am, what I do as well as the hip personality driven approach I bring that sets me apart from others in my field. That kind of clarity is priceless! I cannot recommend her enough!

— Charly Emery; Author, Strategist & TV Personality

Our nascent organization is slowly developing its wings. Through Dee’s expertise, she has set the standard for what we expect from all professionals. Dee is capable of turning your ideas into vivid interpretations.  Her illustrations are animated, colorful, and fun.  With full confidence we recommend Dee as she is engaging, skilled, as well as an exemplary professional!

meandmommy conference


Dee D’Amico is the gold standard of book cover illustrators. She has created the perfect illustration for the cover of my book. From the very beginning of the project, Dee has been friendly, professional, time efficient and responsive. When she came back with the first draft, it was almost as if she was reading my thoughts as to what I envisioned for my book cover. Truly unbelievable. She has incorporated all the important elements of my story into an illustration that I know will capture my readers’ imaginations. I’m absolutely planning to hire Dee again for my future book projects, and I strongly recommend her for yours.  


Kate Supino, Author, “Clothesline”

Dee, we can't thank you enough. We're so impressed by you and your work. You're incredibly efficient and hands down super talented. We're thrilled with the final result!

Pooja, Mindfully21 and Ivan, Ban of HFCS


It has been an absolute joy to work with you as you transferred my often rambling thoughts into a piece of artwork that everyone who see's it says just one word, "WOW".

Your talent has helped immeasurably establish the look for our new brand, one that is professional, and has just the right touch of whimsy. It is the foundation that we will

work from and we will be working closely with you as we go forward. On a personal level, you have been a delight to work with, both on the phone and by email, your timely communications

helped keep the project on target, on budget, and exceeded even the highest of my hopes. You are a gem, just like Diamond, a treasure that we are grateful for discovering.

If anyone questions their decision on what illustrator can make dreams come true, please give them my name and email address. Consider Working Like a Dog to be raving



Debra, and Diamond (the spokesdog)

"Dee took my sorry little stick-person drawing with the initial concept of the cover design that I came up with and she turned it into the humorous masterpiece that is the cover for The Bum Magnet.  Her price was reasonable, and she was very easy to work with, incorporating every crazy idea that I came up with while also offering her own sage advice. The result is one of the catchiest book covers that I've ever seen. I'm constantly complimented on how well it came out, and it's a major reason for attracting my audience and getting them to trust in the quality of my product. You might find another illustrator, but you'll never find a better one."
Karla Brady

As an unknown, first-time author I knew that any illustrations I had in my book would become "symbolic" of the whole thing.  Not only did Dee "get" it, but she managed to make her illustrations as much part of the book as the text itself.  Dee's characterizations made my book!!  (In fact they may even be better than the book)  I absolutely love her work, and so will everyone that sees it (even if they don't read my book)!!  I'm so lucky that she agreed to work with me. She was great to work with and very open to suggestions--- as if we'd already been friends for years! (None of my friends would work with me)  I can't wait to have her illustrate my next project!  (Dee, maybe you could just draw a bunch of pictures, and I'll write a story around them??!!)
Jodi Newbern, Author
Regifting Revival! A Guide To Reusing Gifts Graciously

Dee D'Amico is a dynamo. I have never worked with an artist who was so fast and good at the same time.  But more importantly, just gets it.  I mean, I can say the most vague idea or vision - and she nails it time and time again.   She understands style, marketing and creating a look that's unique for a brand or story. Did I mention the woman can draw???  I am recommending Dee out to everyone I know - so hire her now before I suck up all her time!

Julie C. May
Co-founder of Healthy Bitch Daily
- Created by the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller Skinny Bitch

Dee's talent is unparalleled. Dozens of artists fought over our project but we ultimately chose Dee because we knew she was the real deal. She understood our project so well that we needed very few revisions. She is the sole artist on our supplier list and we hope to use her a lot more.

Thanks again Dee!

Renae Judkins


Jaysa LLC

Dee is as quick and clever at offering suggestions as she is at taking and incorporating them: a true collaborator.  And the results never fail to make people smile.

Tracy Koretsky
Berkeley, CA

Dee brings the gift of her imagination, her artistry and her wonderful spirit to our website--her coloring books have been a big hit and she is a pleasure to work with.

Ravi Batista, Chair of Creative Solutions for Amputees

“Dee D’Amico of Fun Family Crests has now done three amazing crests for two of Extreme Makeover Home Edition families.  I totally rely on her to capture the true heart of the family and she always hits the bulls eye brilliantly through her fun whimsical style.  Every member of the family’s personality shines and is interwoven into her colorful crests.  The crests are something our family’s will treasure for generations.  At Extreme Makeover, we search for the best and Dee fits the bill. “ 

 - Billy Roberts, Design Producer of Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Oh my God, Dee I love it. Dee I just wanted to tell you that i am so happy with your work and the way you listened to everything I asked for. You are extremely talented. I love it. Its perfect. Job done :)  thank you, thank you, thank you. This logo is going to make a big impact in my company...
Thank you so much,

Le Pooch Spa and Boutique

Thank you so much for the work you did on designing our new logo and the art work for our banner.  We only had a general idea of what we wanted, and you were able to take that simple idea and turn it into something that was everything and more of what we hoped for.  The way it all integrated into our new web site design resulted in a web site that is fun, hip, colorful, and inviting.  Your creativity, pleasantness, and willingness to adapt to any change is extraordinary.  We couldn't be more pleased.
Chico & Milo's Dog House

Upon completion of my book, I had the incredible fortune of hiring Dee Densmore-D'Amico to create the illustrations, which was like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  In addition to being a joy to work with, Dee's unique style brought the characters and scenes to life in such a way that surpassed my expectations, to say the least. In short, the readers' experience will be infinitely more enjoyable and the novel that much more successful with Dee's contributions.  Needless to say, I'll be calling her for my next project.
Drake Highlander
interior illustrations for What Not To Do When You Find A Spaceship

Dee did a fantastic job for me on my Branding campaign.
Her ability to quickly grasp the direction and execute is amazing and she was on time and on budget.

Cynthia Ruby, President and CEO,
Cynthia Ruby and Associates, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

I found Dee on the internet and loved her work. I had no idea what to expect, but just took a leap of faith. Let me tell you, I wish everyone I work with is as great as Dee. She is flexible, creative, enthusiastic, and supportive. Her art MADE my project and she got it done quickly. There were very few changes that needed to be made, but when I asked her to change something she was agreeable and did it immediately. Dee is the BEST! I can’t wait to get more projects going with her soon. 

Christi Masi 
The Healthy Goddess / The Healthy Bride

The Healthy Goddess

Working with Dee on the header art for my food blog was a joy from beginning to end.  Throughout the process she was thoroughly professional, always listening to my needs, providing me with artwork that has significantly improved the look of my site.  She was able to capture exactly the feel and vibe that I was hoping for, and I believe it has noticeably increased the daily traffic to my blog.  I will be hiring her soon as I get my cookbook deal! 
Kitty Jay
food blogger
Brooklyn, NY

I'm a fan of Dee's art and was lucky enough to work with her for a couple of years on an erstwhile client's newsletter. It was a treat to see what she'd come up with for each issue, and the Valentine art sits above my desk to this day. No doubt the resemblance of the dog to my Rex has something to do with it of course, but Dee rocks.

Mary Eisenhart

As a new business we wanted to have just the right logo.  We placed an ad for a logo designer.  We received thousands of responses, but Dee's work stood out to us.  We told Dee the idea we had in our head and that part of the logo would include our actual dog.  We sent Dee a photo of the dog.  We probably were not the easiest people to work with as we kept making changes, however, Dee was always very accomodating to our needs and did whatever we needed to have done to the logo.  Dee was also very quick with her work when we wanted changes.  We really like our logo and have already received compliments on it.

Dan London
Doggie Bath House, Ltd.

Everything looks great! Let me tell you, it has been a total pleasure working with you on this. I wish all my freelancers were as talented and efficient! I will definitely be back for more. Thanks again.

Michael Diskin
creative director
Stuff@Night Magazine 
Boston, MA

I heard about Dee D'Amico through a mutual friend and was immediately captivated with the work I saw on her web site. "Erté meets Ren and Stimpy" was my first impression, and the more I saw the more I liked. Dee did a great job of translating my mental image into art. I am very happy with my Honky Tonk Hippies poster.

David Gans
San Francisco, CA

I can't say enough about the positive experience I had working with Dee on my logo.  I had a certain style that I wanted captured and she was able to sketch out what I had envisioned in the first proof.  She is very detail oriented and you can tell she pours her heart into her creations!

Kim Walker

Dee captures the spirit of our email newsletters perfectly, with fresh, whimsical artwork that speaks right to our target audience and advertisers. Since Dee began illustrating our newsletter for, our ad sales have doubled.

Roger Coryell
Strategic Marketing and Internet Director
San Francisco, CA

Witty, charming, sophisticated; all terms that I would use for the work of illustrator Dee Densmore! I have had the pleasure of working with Dee in several professional capacities over the past ten years, and cannot strongly enough stress her professionalism, patience and willingness to adapt to a client's needs (not to mention her great talent!). 
As the business owner of a fashion company which creates very high end women's clothing for retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus I have been thrilled to work with Dee on artwork for promotional pieces. Dee has such an extensive background in fashion, that to her fashion illustrations are like shorthand! Then there is that unmistakable Dee font style; one that has worked so well for our modern european look that compliments our needs perfectly! 
I have also had the pleasure of teaching with Dee at Syracuse University , and marveled each day at the techniques she used to pass her broad wealth of experience on to young students. Those who have studied with Dee realize that although she makes it look easy, her style is anything but! 
When it came time for me to design a logo for my family reunion, rather that try to stumble through it alone I contacted Dee who cleverly and almost effortlessly created a most sophisticated yet charming family crest, portraying all of my family's quirky traits! No one but Dee could have handled this task; always cheerful and filled with ideas, and that wonderful fluid line quality! Needless to say, it was a hit! 
Throughout the years I have been so taken with Dee's work; the fluid curving lines she achieves, resembling the twisted wrought iron found all over Paris, are so compelling, and her subject matter always includes a sense of humor and subtle whimsy. In each of her drawings Dee is able to give a feeling of movement and excitement in a way that so few can do. 
One look at Dee's work and you can see why she is one of my favorite artists; her graphic sensibility looping it's way across the page, a single stroke indicating a facial expression or object. It is always such fun to see Dee's work! 
I cannot speak highly enough about Dee Densmore and her flawless work and professional work ethics. I highly recommend Dee and welcome any questions anyone may have about this talented artist!

Jeffrey Mayer
Conover Mayer
Associate Professor
Fashion and Design technologies
School of Art and Design
Syracuse University

Dee is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly professional and
delivers on deadline. But more importantly, her illustrations are
delightful. She always manages to deliver an image that is fun, colourful,and captures the essence of the story.

Jennifer Nosek
Creative Director
Modern Dog magazine

It is never an easy task to translate your creative vision to an artist.  Unless you happen to work with Dee Densmore-D'Amico!  When I told Dee I wanted Sophisticated Girls, shopping (around the world) with their very stylish doggies, she delivered.  And delivered without a lot of revisions.  Since our City Girls Collection, Dee has completed another collection for the Holidays and I look forward to a continued creative partnership with her.  She has a creative "sixth sense" !
Kate McLaughlin
Dir. Merchandise & Marketing
Saro Trading Company
Burbank, California

Dee D'Amico has illustrated several covers for Family Times, a monthly
regional parenting magazine. She has a gift for translating a description of
an idea into the visual embodiment of those words, creating a whimsical,
delightful image that appeals to a broad audience. In addition, she is a
treat to work with--a good listener who pays close attention to detail and
to deadlines. And she gracefully accepts changes to her art in the interests
of positioning cover text and other necessary elements.

Reid Sullivan
Editor in chief
Family Times: The Parenting Guide of Central New York

My company loves working with Dee.  She is a genius with a pen.  I could look at her drawings for hours and have!  She is also "client budget conscious" and this fits our company fine as we do the most we can to get our clients the best possible prices. 
By referring clients to Dee for logo work I don't have to worry if my clients will be treated right or if they will get something they love! Dee treats her clients like we treat ours which is we want to be treated.

Mary Lewis

Working with Dee has always been a pleasure!!  Dee has designed our Christmas cards, product display cards and other items for years.  We always enjoy her outstanding original and whimsical designs.  And so do our customers!

Robin M. Kershner
Founder & CEO
Fox & Hounds Ltd.

"Dee is an amazing artist and an amazing person.  She really took what I imagined and made it 100 times more fantastic.  Her logo representation is superb!  Of course, having an animal lover/artist who already has done excellent animation for magazines,etc is an added bonus!"

Danelle Hollenbeck
London Canine Couture.

"Dee did a great job bringing to life exactly what I wanted in the logo for my new business. I had hired a "big box" graphics arts company to do the logo for me and no one LISTENED to what I really wanted, they just did what THEY wanted. So I fired them and hired Dee and thank God that I did, she listened to what I wanted and created the logo I had been looking for, and fast, too!
If you want a creative, unique logo that really showcases your business, Dee is who you should contact."

Margaret C. Williams
Pet Stores Listed

Dee took something I had in my head and made it even better (and in full-blown color)! She was super fast, professional, and very easy to talk with. I felt she cared about my project as much as I did--and that is extremely rare to find. She's like part of the family now. I tell everyone how great she is.

Maria Coder
City Pet Guide
New York City