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Seeking Distressed Commercial Debt Buying Opportunities

Sell your Distressed Commercial Debt portfolios quickly and efficiently to an experienced buyer.

Legacy Capital Group represents a global real estate, private equity/asset Management Company that is actively seeking opportunities to purchase pools on non-profiting, sub-performing and performing commercial loans. A brief description of our buying criteria for distressed debt as it follows:

Size of Loan Pools: We are looking to purchase pools of commercial loans with an outstanding principal balance between $1 million to $400 million.

Typical Sellers: Most of our loan purchases occur with regional banks and insurance companies. We monitor all FDIC loan sales ourselves.

Loan Criteria: We are interested in purchasing non-performing, sub-performing and performing and performing commercial loans primarily secured by real-estate. The loan pools can contain some in-secured business loans and revolving lines of credit secured by accounts receivable and inventory. A typical distressed commercial debt pool consists of loans secured by commercial and industrial properties, office buildings, apartment buildings, retail centers, restaurants, trailer parks, gas stations, churches, motels, hotels, assisted living care facilities, raw land, etc.

We are not interested in large residential real estate development distressed commercial debt or in purchasing pools of consumer loans or single- family residential mortgages

Location: We purchase loans in all 50 states.

Due Diligence: We start our analysis of any loan pool by requesting the seller to provide us with the data tape detailing, among other things, the date the loan was originated, the original principal balance, the current principal balance, the loans current interest rate, the date and amount of the last payment received, the amount of money collected on such loan in the last 12 months, a brief description of the borrower, a brief description of the collateral securing the loan and the current status of the loan (e.g. performing, slow pay, bankruptcy, foreclosure, forbearance, etc.)

Upon receiving the data tape, we will quickly determine the projected range of our bid from the loan pool. If the range of our bid is acceptable to the seller, we will then schedule a time to review the loan files in order to determine our final bid amount. A typical transaction takes two to four weeks to close from the receipt of he initial data tape.

Typical Purchase Price: Our typical purchase price is from 25% to 60% of the current outstanding principal balance, but a performing loan pool would likely to be priced higher.

Brokers: Brokers will be paid a fee to be negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis for any transaction that results in a purchase.