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Deals closed and committed

We are a mortgage brokerage company and advisory group that has been involved in real estate and finance since 1982. Our success has come, through; being able to analyze your deal, submit it to the proper lender and close it in a timely fashion.

Convenience Store                              Restaurant/ Pizzeria

Refinance & cash out                            Refinance & cash out

Client had terrible credit                       Client showed operating loss

$875,000.                                                $352,000.

Day Care Center                                   Hotel

Refinance of private contract               Purchase

Tax return showed break even           Client needed to close quickly

$410,000.                                                $2,250,000.

Medical/ Office condo                          Major NE Utility Company

Dr. needed to close quickly                  Sale/ Lease back

because of disgruntled seller              Client needed working capital

$1,525,000.                                             $28,000,000.

Motel                                                         Strip Center

Refinance of a land contract                 Property transferred 3 times in 1

and wrap around mortgage.                 Year. Four new leases.

$435,000.                                                 $580.000.